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Thread: supra2nv, selling my BAC Mono, only 3 miles on the odometer (California car)

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    supra2nv, selling my BAC Mono, only 3 miles on the odometer (California road legal)

    I ordered my BAC Mono in May 2013, got it delivered to me in January 2016. I literally got the car, had clear bra coverage installed on the entire body, never drove the car, and decided to sell the car a few months later. Color is a gorgeous and rare visible carbon fiber, looks black but when you approach it it has that same look as the visible carbon Pagani's. My Mono still has the discontinued COSWORTH motor (1 of 40 ever made). 3 miles on the odometer (delivery miles). I love the car, but I have to sell. Price listed at the dealership consignment is $335k, it would cost you tens of thousands of dollars more to build the car with the specs I have than what I am asking, and would take a while to get (mine took 2.5 years to get), but I am open to offers. Car has every option, main ones include the Inconel exhaust system, carbon ceramic brake rotor set, lightweight battery, visible carbon upper and lower body, made to measure steering wheel and seat, full alcantara interior, car is simply stunning. I truly do not want to sell the car as reference people can find my trader rating under username supra2nv on nsxprime, supraforums, etc. I custom ordered my Mono from BAC, Sector111 built it, and DesMoto motorsports also went through the car to make sure everything was in proper order. Anyone interested in my mono please send me a pm or contact the dealer I have it consigned at. Car is on consignment in San Francisco California.

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    here is a walkaround of the car in sunlight...simply stunning. So pretty it makes me want to cry lol

    My car indoors at sector111 while it was getting clear bra coverage

    thanks for looking. hope the car goes to a good home.
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