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Thread: Nearly There.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pete Hitesman View Post
    Looks fantastic! I've seen various Monaco pictures floating around on the net, all look good. Really looking forward to seeing the car on/in Top Gear.

    BTW, I've changed my personal spec back to Gunmetal

    Care to offer any comments on what you like and don't like about the car now that you have some time under your belt?
    I came close to changing as's very F16 jet fighter like lol. I love it!

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    how's the car AA121? Any feedback?

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    Hi there,

    OK...some first thoughts now I've passed the 1500 mile mark! Most of my miles have been on the road although I did spend an enjoyable morning at Dunsfold test track (home of the Top Gear TV show) which enabled me to drive the car on circuit.

    Good Points First (most of which you would expect!)
    * Overall build quality and finish. I'm really pleased with my colour choice and the way it picks out some of the folds, creases and subtleties of the bodywork and design.
    * Delicacy and immediacy of the controls. Even compared with a Caterham this car transmits it's lack of mass/weight through to the driver without ever feeling insubstantial or "flaky"
    * Performance. The car actually doesn't feel massively fast (even though it is!) in the same way that a Ferrari or Lamborghini can feel. I'm not sure why exactly - perhaps the lack of weight and inertia - but you really notice the performance when following someone and you start to wonder why they are going so slowly!!!
    * Handling on track is sublime and not at all intimidating. It really feels trustworthy and adjustable.
    * Individuality and rarity. I've never known a car to attract such attention and reaction - all positive I might add!
    * The ergonomics and thoughtfulness of the controls on the steering wheel - it takes no time at all to get used to these and feel at home in the car.

    Bad Points (minor niggles/observations rather than bad points really!)
    * Gearbox takes some getting used to. You really need to draw up to a stop in 1st gear rather than stopping in 2nd and then selecting first before setting off again. If you don't do this I've found that the gearbox can get a little "confused" and the gear indicator on the steering wheel might not relay the correct information.
    * The car is hard work to keep clean! Every time I drive it the exposed floors on either side of the car sweep up gravel and debris from the road. Washing the car takes some patience which can be satisfying/frustrating depending on your level of OCD as so much of the engine is exposed and the floors literally fill with water at their lowest point so you end bailing it out like a dinghy!!!
    * The application of Amourfend is a must on the car - make sure you tick at least the mid range option on the configurator. There is no other car on the planet that needs this protective film more!!
    * The refuelling at petrol pumps is a little tricky to do quickly without fuel blowing back and spillage.
    * There appears to be a small problem with my car leaking a bit of coolant out of the LH radiator. It might just be my car but the unions need to be tightened.
    * Although the "allen headed" fixings that bond the body panels to the timber floor have all been "thread locked" these do need some checks every now and again. I lost one which presumably just came loose and fell out. Likewise with the "star" head screws that hold the front light assembly in place.....these need the occassional check to make sure they are tight. None of this should be a surprise when you consider the body takes quite a lot of vibration from the drivetrain.
    * Long journeys are tiring in the car even though I find it a relatively comfortable in the engine seems to be getting a little harsher and noisier and the resonances through the car can make it hard work to drive over long distances and at constant speeds.
    * I wonder if the development of a small, clear aero screen/lip at the edge of the cockpit would help the wind buffetting. If you try and rest your head on the padded headrest whilst driving the wind seems to be more turbulent and it is uncomfortable.

    Overall I'm so pleased to have bought the Mono. It has exceeded my expectations in so many areas and it is a joy to own and to drive. On top of that it has given me the opportunity to have the car on "Top Gear", at Monaco during the GP weekend and on display at The Goodwood Festival of Speed and Wilton House Supercar events all of which have added to the glamour of owning such a rare and desirable car.

    Cheers to all and hope you get your cars soon!!!!!

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    Well, there it is, an owners review of the BAC Mono, the worlds first public review by an owner (that I am aware of). Certainly exciting for me and I know for a lot of folks sitting off on the sidelines as well. Great stuff, thank you for posting! 1500 miles is a good bit of seat time for a car like this and certainly enough to form some strong thoughts and opinions. Can't say any of it surprised me.

    Shinoo's (US distributor) car had the same (presumably) leak at the hose connection on the left side radiator which was fixed by tightening a hose clamp. As well he noted the importance of clear-film (Armourfend in UK) was critical on certain areas of the body (preventing gravel rash).

    Good to highlight the importance of gear selection when (previous to) stopping, sounds like one of those nuances that comes with owning a car with a true race gearbox.

    At the Spring Mountain event the the BAC men mentioned they developed an aero device to reduce buffeting during their wind tunnel work. I have no idea if/when that will be offered as an accessory. Sounds like it would be well received by owners from your experience.

    What an amazing group of experiences you have had with your car! Wow, sounds like a tremendous ownership experience so far. Lots of info for us deposit holders, prospective owners and enthusiasts to think about.

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    Congrats aa121! I'm dying to get mine.

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    Congrats aa121!

    sooo jealous! and my deepest gratitude for this info as I am one that is sitting on the fence. I live in Dallas, Texas and there is a track TWS about 190 miles (305km) away. When you say long drive is that the distance you have traveled? Also, how much gear can you pack in the boot for a weekend track day?

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    The longest single journey I've done in mine is about 130 miles one way (260 miles round trip in one day). It was fine and I find the car cockpit a relatively comfortable place to be. Presumably you'll be wearing a crash helmet but I'd also be investing in some good quality, comfy in ear headphones (or maybe a set that can be fitted into the helmet's inner lining) so you can at least listen to an ipod and drown out some of the wind and engine noise over those distances. It is especially draining if most of the mileage is at a constant, monotonous motorway speed rather than zipping up and down the gears through twists and much the same way a motorbike can be in this respect.

    190 that really the closest circuit to Dallas......I guess we're very fortunate in the UK to have so many tracks in such a relatively small place!

    Space wise - well, it's obviously limited but if you're wearing your crash helmet then the space in the nose is actually quite decent for packing squashy items such as spare clothes etc and the "tray" in the upper part of the bonnet (hood?) is also useful for small flat items such as a laptop, etc. Longer than a couple of nights away and you're going to need to get to a laundry or be happy to smell

    Stop sitting on the fence and get it're only here once y'know!!

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    no no! There is a nice track about 50 miles away, its just that it's nice to try other tracks.

    and I know!!! I should just order it! arghhhh....

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    Hey AA121,

    one more is reversing the Mono? A pain in the a$$?

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    lol AA121 saw your post here about the mono! glad to see you went thru with it! I find myself scouring the web for info on the car!

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