Spent an incredible 3 days with the BAC folks in the UK. Shinoo Mapleton, owner of Sector111 organized the trip for five owners/deposit holders/prospects. Monday was a tour of the BAC facilities and some introductory words from everyone, followed by fitting of custom bead seats by Alex Powell of ProSeat to several owners. He also did the custom wheel option fitting for one lucky fellow.

Tuesday was a cold windy rainy track day at Oulton Park with Oli Webb riding herd and pacing us in a lead Mono to help avoid troubles. I was fully expecting to be wet and miserable but surprisingly my first drive, in the rain, was just fine. I stayed perfectly dry (shock) other than the water streaming off my helmet visor. The Mono was surprisingly grippy and with short-shifting hands and smooth foot action, there was zero drama. Ditto for my second drive, thankfully after the rain stopped.

Wednesday was a trip to visit the Cosworth facilities, where the Mono engine is born. We were treated to a full tour and spent almost 4 hours with the fine folks there and were able to see the room where our engines are built, the dyno cells where they are hot tested and run-in and speak to the builders and an engineer over the 2.3 engine development.

Every evening we had a tasty dinner with BAC folks joining us and personally I was able to get about a thousand questions off my shoulders. I'm sure the patient and always accommodating BAC people were glad for the opportunity to share and respond. Truly memories that will last a lifetime for car crazy guys! And all of us there were car crazy. Seems the Mono draws in the hard core car nuts as opposed to poseurs :-)

Enjoy some photos courtesy of Shinoo and Jack:

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