Here is a running list of common BAC Mono questions and answers. Post your question below and I will add to this list as appropriate.

Q. Does Mono have a warranty?
A. Nope, it is a non-street legal track car in USA.

Q. Does US cat have catalytic convertor?
A. No

Q. What does the "Fire Extinguisher" option consist of?
A. Fire tank is located in chassis and plumbed throughout the car – engine (4 nozzles), cockpit (2 nozzles). It is a pain to add later so worth spending the money during build.

How does "Race Spec Damper" differ from standard damper?
A. Race damper are double adjustable. Honestly they have NOT developed the ‘standard’ damper. I highly recommend the Race Spec so you can fine tune the car for USA's rougher/bumpy tracks.

What is the difference between the three car cover options?
A. One is an Indoor Cover, one is Outdoor (water resistance), one is a Tonneau Cover that only covers the cockpit.

Q. Will Mono stand up to use when ambient temps are 100F?
A. The car has two side pods that hold radiators. There is also a hidden wing in the nose that helps direct air to these rads. Neill Briggs response- "We ran the car last year on the Jeremy Clarkson “Powered Up” DVD and the only issue we had was with the exhaust tip which has since been upgraded as far as both the resin and carbon is concerned. That was in 42 degrees which is over 100F. Since then, no issues at all throughout testing which included a hard drive in 35 degrees into London and sat in traffic for 3 hours which is a hard test. The car has been battered around Donington Park & Silverstone since without issue.

Worse case actually, is a hard run and then sat idle in traffic say with all the heat soak, etc as it has little air passing into and through the car to help with cooling. Our SPAL fan packs on both radiators work very well as does the additional remote BOSCH water pump to help circulate the water once the car has been turned off. "

Is Remote Battery Charge Socket for a battery maintainer?
A. Yes, this is a handy solution and recommended.

Q. Does the ECU have some sort of data acquisition built in?
A. The data on the car is not as comprehensive as I would like but we will be sorting that out along with a video system.

Q. Mono doesn't have ABS, how easy it is to flat-spot the tires?
A. These tires are hard to flat spot. The brakes have great feel so I think you will get a hang of it quickly.

Q. What about gearing options?
A. Since it is an off the shelf Hewland FTR gearbox, I expect we will be able to change all gears and R&P.

Q. I saw a "TC" button in some pictures, does Mono have Traction Control?
A. Traction Control was a feature that they experimented with early on but cancelled. It was determined that the car was so controllable that adding this feature was not needed – with this power level.